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Nature’s Serenity Abounds at the Mountain Lodge Pamporovo


Mountain Lodge Pamporovo is an like an oasis where you can not only enjoy some of the finest winter and summer sports, unique Bulgarian dining and night life, but where you can also connect with nature right from your cozy room to relax after your fun and adventures.


The newly appointed Mountain Lodge is situated on a hilltop with unparalleled views of Rhodope Mountain. Just outside your window, you will find stunning views of endless pine vistas. Breathe in the healing effects of nature, whose untouched forests with majestic tall pines, wildflowers and animal life compel you to become filled with the special wonder and calm that only Mother Nature can bring.


From the Mountain Lodge restaurant, the panoramic views of the area’s highest summit, Snezhanka Peak, which reaches to 1928 m above sea level, are simply superb. In winter months, it becomes clear as to why the peak is named Snezhanka, or Snow White. Covered with pristine snow, the pine forests twinkle like magic and represent the purity of the beloved childhood character Snow White who found true love in the midst of a forest. In the spring, snowmelt supports the blossoming of lush vegetation that will invite you to relax and breathe in the glorious scents of pine and flowers.


With over 240 days of sunshine each year and a mild summer climate, Mountain Lodge Paporovo sits amidst the most extensive coniferous woods within the Balkans. Wildflowers line the underbrush and invite a great assortment of birds and other animals. There are over 4,000 species of animals in the Rhodope Mountains, so you are bound to catch a glimpse of many squirrels, deer or rabbits as you stroll along mountainside paths.


After a day of spelunking, horseback riding or visiting the magical, land of mythical musician Orpheus nearby, take a stroll along the lush grassy slopes and search for mushrooms. Did you know that walking among forests is one of the best ways to reduce stress? It will not only quiet your mind, but it can help you to release muscle tension and even stimulate a healthy immune system. Many studies across the globe have proven this. For instance, one Finnish study proved that “Forests — and other natural, green settings — can reduce stress, improve moods, reduce anger and aggressiveness and increase overall happiness. Forest visits may also strengthen our immune system by increasing the activity and number of natural killer cells that destroy cancer cells.”


Perhaps you will see the deliciate Haberlea rhodopensis, a lovely lavender colored, protected plant that is endemic to Bulgaria and is one of the species that dates back to the Cenozoic era. Or the rare, bell shaped purple blossoms of the Petkovia orphanidea, also found only in Bulgaria and Northern Greece. Both species flourish amidst the ageless limestone grasslands of the Rhodope Mountains.


As your day winds down, enjoy the peaceful sunset vistas of the glorious mountainside. The magic and serenity of the mountainside as seen from Mountain Lodge can bring peace, healing and memories to last a lifetime.