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Mountain Lodge Pamporovo Resort

– Heavenly Outdoor and Dining Adventures on Earth


There is nowhere on Earth like the sunniest mountain resort in Bulgaria, the Mountain Lodge Pamporovo Resort. It is located on breathtaking Rhodopi Mountain, with a stunning view above of the pine-covered Snejanka Peak. You will find the resort just 85 km (53 miles) from Plovidv or 240 km (149 miles) from Sofia, where both winter and summer seasons offer bountiful options for outdoor and dining adventures. Mountain Lodge Pamporovo offers free shuttle service to nearby airports.


Stay in one of the new apartment-style suites, maisonettes or beautifully furnished studios with incredible mountain views. Mountain Lodge Pamporovo is a Trip Advisor‘s Choice resort where you will find exciting outdoor activities, relaxing vistas and unique dining experiences long to be remembered.


Traditional Bulgarian Dining Adventures


With a great variety of delicious, healthy fare, everyone is bound to discover a favorite traditional Bulgarian dish. Specialties at the Mountain Lodge Bulgaria Pamporovo’s fine restaurant include hot appetizers, specially marinated steaks, fish with a delectable variety of specialty sauces and mouth-watering pancakes served with caviar.


In the area meat lovers will find plenty of delicious Bulgarian dishes made with pork, lamb and beef. For example, you might dine on Lukana, a piquant dish made with sausage and plenty of warming spices. There is also Kebapche, a minced pork and beef meat dish flavored with cumin and grilled to perfection. Other choices include Pork kebabs or Moussaka, made with ground meat, tomatoes and potatoes and baked with a lovely white sauce – often thought to be a traditional Greek dish, but actually a Bulgarian classic! If you can’t decide, there is always Meshana Skara, or a mixed grill that allows you to sample several tasty favorites all at once.


For vegetarian visitors, healthy options are plentiful – most made with organic produce and dairy products to treat your taste buds while supporting excellent health. Look for local cheeses and salads, such as Sirene, a white cheese similar to feta, but made solely in Bulgaria from fresh cow, sheep or goat milk. There is also a delectably aged, yellow cheese called Kashkaval, similar to cheddar.  Try a side dish of fine cheeses to complement some Shopska salata, made with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and onions and topped with white cheese Or sample the world’s purest yogurt, Kiselo Miyako, found only in Bulgaria.


Complete your unique Bulgarian dining experience with the heavenly Banitsa, a traditional pastry made with phyllo, eggs and cheese baked to a delightful golden brown, accompanied by a cold glass of Ayran (a cold yogurt drink seasoned with salt) Boza (a malt), some local wine or the unforgettable Rakia, a hard liquor made from fermented plums, grapes or other fruits.



Unforgettable Summer Adventures


When the snow melts and ski season comes to a close, you can head out for any number of summertime adventures. Day trips to natural and cultural wonders might include visits to Smolyan Lakes and National Park; fishing or bird watching along the slopes of Rhodope Mountain; horseback riding; mountain climbing; biking; hiking and hunting for local mushrooms. For a refreshing dip after your day outdoors, you can visit the nearby Devin mineral springs 35 km from Pamporovo Resort.


For spelunkers, there are three exciting caves on Rhodope Mountain or caving (spelunking) where you can explore the mysteries of ages past. The Devil’s Throat Cave is a favorite and is thought the source of many legends, including the tale of Orpheus journeying through the dark kingdom of Hades in search of his long lost lover, Eurydice. (History buff spelunkers will think they are in heaven!)


Music fans will love 3300-year-old Gela village, where hundreds gather to enjoy an annual bagpipe festival. It is located just 15 km from the Pamporovo Resort.

For history buffs, the second largest Bulgarian monastery, Bachkovo, provides a rich experience dating to the Byzantine era. .


Nightlife in Pamporovo is equally exciting, with many clubs and discos where you can enjoy pub-style food, dancing, entertainment and of course many special beverages. You won’t need to pay a cover charge, either whether you find yourself at The White Hart pub, the large Night Flight disco, or other hotel bars nearby.



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