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The heart of Rhodope and the sunniest Bulgarian mountain resort


Pamporovo is a Ski Resort in Bulgaria. It is located on a Rhodopi mountain, seventh highest Bulgarian mountain with the highest peak Golyam Perelik (2,191 meters (7,188 ft)). Pamporovo is in the middle of Rhodopi Mountain, making it the perfect place for tourism. The Ski Resort is at altitude of 1620 meters. Ski season in Pamporovo is pretty long, because winter is quite mild but has around 6 months of snowfall every year.

About Pamporovo

Ski Snowboard Hotel Mountain Lodge Bulgaria Pamporovo is located in the heart of the Ski Resort. Some of the most vivid and beautifull landscapes of Bulgaria are located in this area, longest mountain massif in Bulgaria. Idyllic meadows, with incredible nuances of green with contrast of thick pine forests, steep rocks and deep canyons which transect this mountain in many ways.That is Rhodopi, part of the oldest massif on Balkan. Restaurants are providing excellent service; food is quite tasty and cheap. In the evenings, you have plenty of bars to choose, karaoke nights, and drinks with your friends, you name it. Fresh and healthy air at the mountain will make you come again at Pamporovo for sure! And don’t forget the people, their kindness and polite manners are just out of this world, you will feel like home in no time.

Intact Nature

If you are coming with your family, this is just a great place to be. There is no better place for kids than to be on the fresh air and mountain. Pamporovo is not maybe like Switzerland, but when u feel the soul of the city and people, this will be you number one winter destination for sure. No one can stay neutral to that sunny days and beautifull views, that’s just breath taking! People are coming for Christmas too, with their family and friends, because they feel the same warmth as at home.You can also get nicely tanned in just one day! Because Pamporvo has around 120 sunny days yearly. The temperature never falls beyond -7degrees, so people who are sensitive to the cold will like this.

Ski Center

Ski center provides excellent training for beginners and newbies; you will learn to ski in short time! The pists are just great for skiing, if you are beginner, don’t worry, the community and other people are willing to help you in no time. Ski school at Pamporovo is one of the best in Europe, Ski instructors are willing to help you as soon as possible, and you will hit the slopes very fast. Ski instructors are highly qualificatedand they speak at least 2 foreign languages.

There are different types of ski pists:

17.5 km with different levels for Alpine skiing

  1. km for Nordic skiing

There are 18 ropeways with capacity for 8.000 skiers

The security is also on the high level; Mountain Rescue Service is working 24 hours, ensuring protection for skiers and people.

Final words

If a destination should be chosen, which is worth to visit at any time of the year, then Pamprovo would really be in the top of the selection. Because, it is various, special, different and unique.