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Pamporovo, Bulgaria

– recuperation, recreation, relaxation


The three R’s


For me, the ideal holiday is a perfect mixture of the three R’s: recuperation, relaxation and recreation. Pamporovo in the Bulgarian Rhodope mountains offers ample opportunities to satisfy all three of these at a very reasonable price. Just an example: Mountain Lodge, a new apartment hotel in the center of the Pamporovo village offers a stay of 7 days for just over €300, which is nothing short of a bargain.




There’s a time for work – and then there’s your own time: getting away from the workaday world, taking a trip to somewhere new, recharging your mental and physical batteries. Pamporovo fits the bill: stunning views, the cleanest mountain air, peaceful forest glades and footpaths for hiking. At 1620 meters above sea level, you’ll get all the benefits of altitude training with none of the symptoms you’d get higher up, like, say, in Aspen – no shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue. The Pamporovo atmosphere will envigorate you even if all you do is take a nap in the spa, dreaming of – well, napping in a spa. Also, you may take a 35 kilometer trip along the Rhodope mountains to the Devin hot springs, just for a change, and dream some more.




After recuperating for a day or two some recreation might be in order. Pamporovo is one of Bulgaria’s foremost ski resorts with slopes and runs for beginners as well as intermediate and expert skiers. With free shuttle service to theski center, 14 ski liftsand runs up to 4,2 kilometers long, with gradients between 10:1 and 4:1, no ski enthusiasts gounrewarded.





And then there’s the international atmosphere of the after ski relaxation and socializing at the Mountain Lodge bar/lounge area or on the terrace. Or maybe just chilling in the hotel apartment, equipped with all necessary amenities (kitchenette, WiFi, TV, etc.). And how about a trip to the seaside? The Black Sea and the Aegean are just a couple of hours’ drive away. In fact, Pamporovo has the Aegean winds to thank for the mildness of its winters.