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About Rhodopi:

Some of the most colorful and beautiful landscapes of Bulgaria are in the region of Rhodopi massif. This mountain occupies almost 1/7 territory of Bulgaria and its splited into 2 pieces – Eastern and Western. Eastern Rhodopi are lower, covered with fragrant meadows and Western are proud with high peaks, mountain cliffs, caves and gorges so that makes this part of the mountain more interesting.Eastern part is more cultivated and quilter so this area is better for resting and gathering herbs. Indifferenceof Western area, which is a real adrenaline ’’ Aphrodisiac ’’. In any case, on Rhodopi you will find everything about nature, if you love it and her numerous magic and challenges.


According to one of the world’s most known legends, famous mythical poet Orpheus is born on Rhodopi. Besides this legend, Rhodopi are keeping one more. It is considered, also, that long time ago in this area ofthe mountain was the residence of of Thracian King Hem and Queen Rhodopa. Their love was so strongthat they called each other, buy god name – Zeus and Hera. That, of course, made real goods furious so they were going to be punished.They splited them up and made them into separate mountains – Balkan and Rhodopi. This myth made Rhodopi crowned with mythical halo. Besides legends, Rhodopi are today more than a popular winter destination for tourists from Europe and all over the world. Primarily because of the best winter tourist center – Pamporovo – which is placed at the foothills of the highest peak of Rhodopi Mountain.

Ski tracks in pamporovo:

The highest peak of Rhodopi Mountain is Snezhanka, which is placed at a sea altitude of 1926 meters,tourists ski center Pamporovo is located in Snezhanka’s foothill at 1620 meters of sea altitude. Pamporovo is located in Smolyan Province, Southern Bulgaria, it is away from Plovdiv 85 km, and for Sofia 240 km.Almost every track in this mountain begins from Snehzanka peak, sea altitude of tracks varies, they start from those who are beginning at the top of the peak till those at sea altitude of 1444 meters. In Pamporovo there is 37 km of ski tracks with different levels, and the longest track is 5,1 km. Tracks are of course different by levels, there are ones forbeginners and also for experienced skiers and ones who love challenges.The tracks vary from ’’green’’ which suits forbeginners till ’’black’’ ones which are challenging even for professional skiers. Most challenging tracks are ’’ the wall ’’. Pamporovo is ideal for ski running, or how they call it ’’ Nordic skiing ’’.


Infrastructure in Pamporovo is great because there is 6 ski – elevators which transport tourists do desired tracks:


  • 1 six- seater
  • 2 four – seaters
  • 1 three – seater
  • 1 two – seater
  • One – seater and 3 baby ski elevators

Snowboarding is one of the most attractive winter sports. In Pamporovo there is great track intended for lovers of this extreme sport, so being this sport more popular, in Pamporoovo there is also a School of Snowboarding. For the ones who didn’t mastered secretes of snow there is a specialized school of skiing which is quoted as one of the best in Europe.


In Pamporovo, as in all developed touristic centers, there is a great choice of accommodation – from luxury hotels with 5 stars where night can cost pretty much, to little family apartments for renting. One of them is Ski Snowboard Hotel Mountain Lodge Bulgaria which we commend because he is elegantly apart-hotel which is located in the center of Pamporovo Ski resort.The lodge is located just a few minutes walk from the ski elevator and ski schools. Guests can enjoy in rich offer in food, traditional for Rhodopi, till to Europe andmany other cuisines, because tourist is here of courseon the first place. Night life is also various, because there is lots of Discos, bars, cafes, nightclubs, halls for bowling.

Safety and security:

Pamporovo is taking care of security and safety of their guests too, so ski patrols which are gathered of local police and instructors of skiing, watch all the tracks on a daily basis and take care of safety and health of skiers. The medical service crew is mobile and they work 24h. Medical help is possible also in near towns Smolyan and Chepelare.